On the initiative of the Head of the Komi Republic Sergey Gaplikov, supported by the Rector of  the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Victor Grishin and a number of other representatives responsible for the development of the trade and economic relations in the Russian Federation, it was created the Club of heads of trade-economic missions (Embassy departments) of foreign countries accredited in Moscow.

        The Club is informal non-profit association, the activities of the Club realize within the scheduled meetings.

    The activities of the Club are aimed at establishing contacts between foreign representatives responsible for the development of trade and economic relations in the Russia, with the heads of Russian federal and regional executive authorities, public and commercial structures.

      The purposes of the Club are:

  • improving the efficiency of foreign economic relations between countries;
  • sharing of experience, including cooperation with federal authorities, representatives of the Russian Federation abroad, Russian institutions, organizations and establishments, foreign diplomatic and consular institutions in the Russian Federation, representatives of international organizations, foreign institutions, organizations and companies;
  • mutual inform about the socio-economic situation in the regions of the Russian Federation and countries, the main events and activities of interest to partners;
  • qualitative improvement of export and import structure;
  • mutual inform about the investment opportunities of the Russian regions and countries;
  • stimulating the expansion of relations between Russian regions and countries in social sectors, including culture, education, medicine, tourism, youth policy and sports.


The President of the Club

Victor Grishin – the Rector of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Doctor of Science (Economics), Professor.

Vice-President of the Club

Tatyana Voronova – Vice-Rector for personnel development of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Doctor of Science (Economics),​ Professor​.​

Vice-President of the Club

Grigory Sarishvili – Deputy Prime Minister of the Komi Republic – permanent representative of the Komi Republic to the President of the Russian Federation.

The Secretariat of the Club

Contact details of the Executive Secretary of the Club:

Anastasia Chistyakova

Ph.: +7 (495) 490-00-22, +7 (916) 756-32-01,
E-mail: info@clubtc.ru.


     A member of the Club is a person whose official functions correspond to the declared name of the Club, or a person officially replacing it, or a person officially authorized by the Head of the diplomatic mission.

      Membership in the Club is voluntary and has a declarative nature.

      At the moment, representatives of more than 80 foreign countries are members of the Club.

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