XI meeting of the Club

5 March 2020

On March 5, the XIth meeting of Club of Heads of trade-economic missions (Embassy departments) of foreign countries, accredited in Moscow (clubtc.ru/en) was held on the theme: “Education: international cooperation, human resources, development of competitiveness and export of services”.

A welcome speech was given to the Rector of MSUFP Mikhail Balykhin. He said that within the framework of three missions: international cooperation, scientific, educational and social activities. “Our goal is to become a university of three world-class missions”. According to the rector of MGUPP, such an approach will not only strengthen international cooperation but also hold the university and its partners in an effective consortium in order to solve economic and social problems in accordance with the demands of state policy and the international community.

The Head of the Glavsekspertsentr, Vera Skorobogatova, also noted that in the face of global challenges such as coronavirus, changes in the situation on international markets, a positive signal today is the influx of foreign students into Russia and a change in Russian policy in favour of developing international cooperation in the field of education, as well as creating conditions for employment of foreign students in the Russian Federation.

Elena Myakotnikova, corporate director of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, spoke about successful projects being implemented to expand human resources and increase their competitiveness at the international level.

Gabriel Kochofa – ex-ambassador of Benin to Russia, Director General of INCORVUZ-XXI reported on the opportunities and prospects of international cooperation in education with the aim of training qualified specialists and their further employment.

In addition, presentations were made by the advisers of the embassies of Afghanistan and Finland, representatives of the Permanent Mission of the Governments of the Kaluga, Kaliningrad and Sakhalin Regions.

An important aspect in the light of the general topic was the export of educational services, the consolidation and strengthening of partnerships at the international level to create a single competitive space that will simultaneously provide solutions to problems at the state level and meet the needs of citizens, including foreign students. In the prospect of such a partnership, the most complete satisfaction of the demands of the international labour market is possible.

All presentation materials of the meeting can be obtained by clicking on the link: https://yadi.sk/d/6wnC0EGf62_5IQ



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